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ETCi was formed in 2002 as an educational agency. We are the leading provider of internship and school exchange programs as well as salaried work experience for young, ambitious students and individuals.  


We focus on providing high quality internship experience for overseas candidates and short stay cultural exchange for junior or school groups. 

Through our partnerships with BUNAC, we offer internships in the UK to international candidates.  

At ETCi, we have an excellent placement process, which matches internship opportunities to students’ CVs, career goals, aspiration and personality. This ensures that the candidates are placed in the most suitable position, allowing them to explore their chosen career path and gain professional experience.

"I would highly recommend ETCi to anyone who wants to do an internship in the UK. They secured interviews for me much faster than expected. The team always responded to me very promptly which I was very grateful for, and everything was able to proceed smoothly. Not only do they help you secure an internship, but they were also very caring about your well-being after the internship has commenced. If you want to do an internship in the UK, do contact ETCi now!"  -- Nao

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