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Here you'll find a brief guide for prospective and existing host families, with everything you need to know about providing a “Home away from Home” for international homestay candidates.

Our Students

School Groups

ETCi regularly host mixed school groups from all over Europe, usually for a period of 2-10 days depending on their age and itinerary. Groups travel by coach with up to 100 persons including teachers. The students’ goal is to improve their English and experience family life in London.

Internship Programmes

ETCi offers internship programmes for global candidates for periods ranging from 4 to 20 weeks. Candidates are usually aged between 18 and 30. Their goal is to complete their work experience in companies within the London area.

Our Host Families


Many people assume that the definition of “Host Family” is a standard family with a husband, wife and kids. This is not always true! All of the following can host for ETCi:

  • A married couple, with or without children

  • An unmarried couple (including same sex couples), with or without children

  • A single mother or father – with children

  • A single man / woman – without children.


As long as the standard of accommodation meets our criteria and the members of the family living in the household are free from criminal record, any of these people can host.

Host family and accommodation standards


Our aim is to offer the candidates ‘a home away from home’ so we are looking for family homes with a friendly atmosphere where our foreign visitors will be made welcome. Host families need to be able to provide quality accommodation, good food and a high standard of cleanliness.

Other Candidates


We never place different groups of the same nationality within one household. This is standard practice as it impairs the candidates’ exposure to English. With short stays we may place 2 or 3 candidates from the same group together, but with long stay candidates we will only ever place one of each nationality in any household at any one time.

To read the full guide including terms & conditions click the download button.

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