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ETCi specialises in providing quality training and work experience interns to companies of all sizes throughout the UK. Since 1996 we have developed excellent working partnerships with a large range of employers and helped more than 20,000 benefit from training and development programmes.

What is a Professional Internship Placement?

A Professional Internship Placement is a period of work experience in a UK company relevant to the candidate’s chosen career. The purpose of the placement is to allow the candidates to gain skills and experience through work-based learning, consolidating the skills they have learned at college or university and improving their English language proficiency.

Why an ETCi placement?

ETCi has specialised in organising internship

placements for international students for many years. Our high-calibre candidates are delighted to undertake a variety of roles within your business.

We identify the candidate’s skills and experience and match them to the skills required by the host company. Our dedicated team will deal with the preparation and monitoring of your candidate’s placement leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

ETCi will also arrange for host family accommodation for the candidate within easy travelling distance from the placement and give every candidate the opportunity to apply for a Certificate in Work Experience accredited by ETCi.

"ETCi’s internship in media gave me the chance to work for an established London company, this helped me broaden my skills." 

Richard Coopmans, Design Agency

Who are the candidates?

Candidates are:

• Typically aged between 18 and 30

• Well-educated

• Skilled and driven

• Bi- or multi-lingual with a high level of English

• Undergraduates or graduates

Are there any costs involved?

Students often have grants to help fund their internship. ETCi works on behalf of the student, the partner university and the host company to secure the best work experience for all parties.

What are the host company’s responsibilities?

The companies that ETCi select provide a suitable work programme and make them feel like part of the team. In brief you must:

• Provide and agree specific tasks/projects with the candidate in line with their skills and needs

• Provide a mentor for the candidate

• Review the work programme at regular intervals during the placement

• Provide feedback at the end of the placement and complete the employer’s section of the candidate’s assessment booklet (where necessary)

• Provide reasonable care and attention to the candidate’s needs and welfare

Fields of work


ETCi place candidates in many types of industries and are always looking for new host companies in the following fields:

• Accounting/Finance

• Advertising

• Architecture

• Computing and IT

• Engineering

• Event Management

• Graphic Design

• Human Resources

• Law

• Marketing

• Media (Journalism, TV & Music)

• Nursery

• Public Relations

• Travel & Tourism

• Web Design

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