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ETCi Work Experience & Internship Programmes Terms and Conditions

Participation in the Work Experience & Internship Program indicates that you accept these terms and conditions.


1. General


(a) The applicant certifies that the information given in the Application Form is correct and acknowledges that any false information will compromise their participation to the programme.  No refunds will be given if false information given by the applicant results in either non-acceptance, or termination of the program.

(b) Applicants must have a sufficient level of English to participate in the program.

(c) Applicants declare that they have never been arrested or convicted of a criminal offence.

(d) ETCi strongly advises that no travel arrangements be made before an Internship is confirmed.

(e) For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, ETCi Limited is a data controller. ETCi Limited may need to transfer the personal data the participant provides us to host organisations. This is necessary in order to secure the placement or in order to protect your interests (for example in the case of a participant becoming ill, ETCi Limited may need to transfer any medical information provided on their application form to assist in any medical treatments they may require).

(f) ETCi reserves the right to refuse any applicant who does not meet the program eligibility requirements.


2. An Internship offer

(a) An internship offer means an offer of an internship with a business or other legal entity for a designated period of time.

(b) The search for a suitable internship according to your requirements will be carried out up to three times. When there is no match after communication between the student and three companies, no further placement procedure will be carried out.

(c) When the first internship is found, this can be refused by the student only based on a valid reason (for instance, rejection of the internship by the educational institute of reasons ETCi could have known), which will be explained to ETCi in writing. Then, a second internship is to be searched.

(d) ETCi cannot guarantee any Internship placement within a certain timeframe. External factors (such as interest from Host Companies, availability of Host Companies, behaviour and speech of the applicant during the interviews, availability of accommodation, visa approval etc.) prohibits us from being able to guarantee a specific date or timeframe. As such, you agree that we will not be held liable for any inconvenience or loss of income arising from a delayed matching or placement process. You acknowledge that any expected timeframe for placement given by us is indicative only and not binding.

(e) No recruitment during the internship or when the internship has been finalized is allowed.


3. Documents

(a) It is the applicant’s responsibility to purchase his/her ticket to travel (and obtain a VISA), and be available at the start date of the Internship. If the applicant deviates from these conditions, no refund of ETCi program fee will be made.

(b) It is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain all necessary documents to travel abroad (including his/her VISA when necessary). ETCi cannot be held responsible if the applicant does not get his/her VISA or any necessary document to travel / reside abroad and no refund of ETCi program fees will be made.


4. Deposit and Program fee

(a) A Deposit is required for acceptance onto the program.  ETCi cannot commence the placement process until the deposit is received.

(b) ETCi advises you not to book flights and travel arrangements until you have received an Internship confirmation.

(c) Upon payment of your initial Deposit, you agree to fully cooperate with ETCi in its attempts to find you a placement. Examples of non-cooperation include, but are not limited to:

- Not actively working with your assigned representatives from ETCi;

- Skipping or missing scheduled internship interviews;

- Not engaging in internship discussions with your ETCi representative;

- Not responding to ETCi communications in a timely manner;

- Allowing the placement process to be delayed due to missing agreed payment due dates;

- Unreasonably refusing internships offered to you;

- Dishonesty. This includes fabricating, altering, or misrepresenting test scores, academic standing, statements made on visa applications, or any other written or oral statement you may make in the process of applying for the Program, for a visa, or for any internship role.

Participants who are deemed uncooperative will be notified by ETCi, and may be dropped from the program with no refund given.

(d) If ETCi is unable to secure you an offer for an internship within the given timeframe, you will be given the option (1) to request that ETCi continue the search process until you receive an offer, (2) to withdraw from the Program and receive a refund of your initial Deposit; and if ETCi is still unable to secure you an offer for an internship within the extended time, you will receive a full refund of your initial Deposit

(e) In order to confirm your place in the program the balance program fee is due within 21 days after we have confirmed your internship role. In all cases, all program fees must be paid before you travel to your program destination. Participants, who fail to meet this requirement, will receive none of the benefits of the Program. This includes, without limitation; placement in a confirmed Program, airport transfers and accommodation.


5. Program cancellations, changes, credits, and refunds

(a) If you wish to withdraw from the program at any time, then you must notify ETCi in writing by email.

(b) The Deposit, and all subsequent Program Fees paid, are not refundable if you withdraw from the Program for any reason other than ETCi’s failure to secure you an offer for an internship by the given time frame, subject to clause 12 (force majeure).  

(c) The cancellation of the participant’s Internship on the ground of, including but not limited to: change of mind, loss of interest in the Internship Offer, waiting for interviews with companies not linked with ETCi, having found another Internship by him/herself, change of dates of Internship, change of field of study, not having enough financial resources, not obtaining credit or any kind of grant, scholarship, VISA are not valid reasons not to pay the ETCi Program fee or to ask for a refund of the Program fee.

(d) The participant understands and agrees that, by contact ETCi for search for an Internship and/or Accommodation or for any other services, ETCi takes the time to achieve the work requested by the participant.  Therefore ETCi ask the participant for fees for the work and service achieved plus time spent.

(e) The Deposit, and all subsequent Program Fees paid, are not refundable if ETCi determines, in its sole discretion, that you did not fully cooperate in the placement process at any time before the Placement Deadline.

(f) If you withdraw from the Program for any reason after being placed in an internship role, ETCi will be entitled to 100% of your initial Deposit and either 100% of the subsequent payment(s) you made after the Deposit or 50% of the Program Fee, whichever is greater. If the withdrawal takes place less than 21 days before the Commencement Date, ETCi will be entitled to 100% of your Initial Deposit and 100% of the Program Fee.

(g) If you request to change the program destination or Commencement Date of your Program more than 60 days prior to your Commencement Date no change fee will be charged by ETCi. If you request to change the program destination or Commencement Date of your Program less than 60 days prior to your Commencement Date a change fee of up to a maximum of one third of your Program Fee may be charged at ETCi’s discretion. This change fee would be charged to compensate ETCi for costs associated with your Program.

(h) In the event that, for any reason at all, you decide to discontinue your place on the Program after it has started but before it is due to end, no refund of ETCi Program fees will be given.

(i) Any refund must be initiated within 6 months after the internship program start date selected by the participant. After this date, refunds are made solely at ETCi discretion.


6. Change of Host Company

Requests for a change of Host Company will only be considered under the following circumstances:

The participant has arrived and commenced their internship; AND one of the following occurs:

a) Sexual harassment or discrimination against the participant;

b) Racial or religious vilification against the participant;

c) Breach of Occupational Health and Safety regulations affecting the participant;

d) Bankruptcy of the company before or at arrival of the participant


7. Experiencing problems

(a) ETCi wants you to enjoy a worry-free program. Should you experience any problems while participating in our Program, you must immediately inform us in writing by email with a clear explanation of the problem. In such an event, we will discuss the problem with you and will discuss ways in which the problem can be solved. We are not responsible for any conversations or anything that is said unless it is recorded in the written form either by email or by letter.

(b) If the Host Company / internship provider wishes to terminate your placement prior to the end of the stated time for any reason (for example as a result of your inadequate or unhelpful participation or prolonged or repeated absence from work), you understand that no refund of fees will be given in this situation and we are under no obligation to provide another placement. In such a case, you will be required to leave the provided Accommodation (if applicable) within two days of being informed by us.

(c) If you wish to terminate your placement prior to the end of the time stated in the placement agreement for any reason you must provide us with written notice, clearly stating the reasons for such a decision. You agree that no refund of the Program Fee or any other fees will be made in this situation, that no other placement will be offered and that you will be required to leave the provided accommodation (if applicable) within two days of being informed by us.

(d) ETCi cannot be held responsible for any complaints arising from issues including, without limitation, relations with other inhabitants of the accommodation/homestay, relations with your neighbours, and relations with other colleagues or managers in your place of internship.


8. Safety

(a) We, our suppliers and members of staff cannot be held responsible for any case of injury, accident, claim, theft, damage, sickness, cancellation or loss, in relation to our/their services.

(b) You are responsible for your own safety during the trip and neither we, nor the host company / internship provider, take responsibility nor can be held liable for any accident, sickness, loss, damage, expense or hazard encountered throughout the Program.

(c) You will be held responsible and liable for any damages to the host company / internship provider during your placement.


9. Insurance

You are responsible for ensuring that you have purchased full, comprehensive insurance prior to departure, which will cover you for the duration of your participation in the Program, and which includes but is not limited to travel, health, medical and accident insurance.


10. Workload

We are not responsible for the workload provided by the internship provider whether it is of a high intensity or low intensity. In such situations, you should discuss the problem with us and we will endeavour to resolve the issue accordingly.


11. Host Organisations

Participants’ information will be shared with our host organisations when we are sourcing an internship for Participants.


12. Liability for losses and program changes

We cannot accept any responsibility or liability for Program changes or Program cancellations under any of the following circumstances; war or threat of war; terrorism or threat of terrorism; fire; sickness; environmental or climate concerns; acts of government or local authority; or, any other event or circumstance which amounts to a “force majeure” and in such cases no refund or compensation for any loss will be given to you unless otherwise decided at our sole discretion.

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